Leadership Council

The U.S. Energy Stream Leadership Council provides to our members the education and energy intelligence while giving them access to the most difficult to reach leaders. Highest intelligence and education eliminates barriers to our members and enables them to achieve their goals with speed and efficiency. Our Leadership Council educational briefings will give you the knowledge and the skills necessary to make successful decisions in the energy industry. Your participation in our briefings will enhance your ability to understand the current geopolitical and commercial risks and dynamics of the energy industry.

The U.S. Energy Stream Leadership Council brings in American energy leaders together with U.S. Lawmakers. Our ultimate goal is to help grow through education the projects of our members, to create new American energy jobs, to strengthen our energy security and our economic competitiveness, while ensuring that the U.S. achieves a cleaner energy economy and tackles climate change.

True to our mission we bring the highest intelligence to educate and empower business and government leaders to thrive. We have successfully provided the highest intelligence via face-to-face interaction between members of Congress, from both sides of the aisle, government leaders, and senior business executives.

We host a range of intelligence briefings including internationally acclaimed forums, and exclusive CEO dinners. Plugging into an unrivaled leadership network, these enable you to effectively gain access to powerful Congressmen and Senators, and meet new partners.

The U.S. Energy Stream Leadership Council is a by invitation only membership organization. 

For more information, please contact:

Peggy Livanios
Chief Energy Transition Officer
U.S. Energy Stream, Inc.
+1 202 717 3100
Email: peggy.livanios@usenergystream.com