IN-PERSON 9th Washington Energy Summit 2024 Distinguished Confirmed Speakers


Cassidy DeLine

CEO, Linea Energy
San Francisco, CA

Cassidy oversees the seasoned leaders across our development, procurement, financing and power market teams.  With nearly 15 years of experience working in renewable energy, Cassidy’s teams have commercialized over 9 GW of solar across, including multiple industry-setting financing and offtake structures.

Prior to Linea Energy, Cassidy was Chief Commercial Officer at Cypress Creek where she led project finance, late stage project development and strategic initiatives. At Recurrent Energy, she led the M&A team and contributed to key project financings. She also worked as a research associate in the energy space at Cambridge Energy Research Associates (now owned by S&P).  She has led or significantly contributed to several marquee deals in the renewable space including the first non-recourse financing of a project with a non-rated CCA offtake, the first bond financing of solar in Canada, the first tax equity investments of several major corporate investors, including Walmart, and others.

Cassidy holds a B.S. in International Relations from Stanford University.