5th Energy Transition Forum 2024 Distinguished Speakers Include


Patrick Galletti

Vice President, SLB New Energy for the Americas, SLB
Houston, TX

In my 23 years in the industry and after 18 years of working various International Positions in the oil & gas industry, I return to my roots and am working again in the US. I began my career working on the offshore drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and now I am back to help direct the Strategy of how SLB will continue to prosper across all of our Americas Land Business.

My role allows me to focus on the different markets from Canada down to Argentina to understand how to position ourselves to better serve our customers. I am excited about my opportunity to steer new product development to ensure that our customers have the technology to solve their problems today and tomorrow.

I have also taken on the role of Sustainability for Americas Land. I have long been curious how we can leverage the lessons our industry has learned on Marketing to help deliver our Scope 1, 2 and 3 commitments. My goal is to make the tactical changes in our daily business that brings us closer to our Tipping Point...the point where Carbon Intensity is naturally considered in every business decision we make.

Technology innovation, building solutions for our customers and finding ways to build a Sustainable business is what I do.