5th Energy Transition Forum 2024 Distinguished Speakers Include


Matti Malkamaki

Founder and Chairman, Hycamite TCD Technologies Ltd

Matti Malkamäki, a hydrogen business specialist and cleantech entrepreneur of over 20 years, is dedicated to decarbonizing the industry through his role as Founder and Chairman of Hycamite TCD Technologies Ltd. Committed to sustainability, Matti has played a key role in adopting clean energy technologies and holds positions in influential groups such as ECH2A, the Finnish Hydrogen Cluster, and the BotH2nia initiative. He is a sought-after speaker on hydrogen possibilities and has written numerous articles on the topic. With extensive experience in power generation and cleantech, Matti drives the transition to a low-carbon, high-energy-efficient economy through Hycamite's revolutionary methane splitting technology.