5th Energy Transition Forum 2024 Distinguished Speakers Include


Glenn Lansford

President & CEO, IHI Energy Solutions
Houston, TX

Having been part of the Power Generation Industry for 32 years, I am more excited today than ever before watching the US Energy landscape transform with the emergence of next generation, low carbon emitting, technologies. I have been fortunate to be part of a company that has taken a global leadership role in the use of technologies such as alternative energy carriers, mid to long term energy storage, and carbon capture utilization and sequestration.

Currently I am responsible for providing leadership in defining and implementing business strategies in support of the IHI Corp. goals and objectives of re-establishing the company as a leader in carbon-free energy solutions. In addition, I have profit and loss responsibility for IHI’s current business lines in power plant steam generation and air quality control equipment for the America's.

For the next-generation, low carbon technologies, I lead efforts to commercialize IHI clean fuel and combustion systems such as Hydrogen Creation and Co-firing, Ammonia Co-Firing, Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration, and Long-Term Thermal Storage in North America. My responsibilities include market research and forecasting, strategic planning, key relationships establishment and management, potential competitor analysis, and proforma modeling.

For the established business lines my responsibilities include oversight of business planning, market forecasting, business development, project execution, staff planning, sales, general & administrative (SG&A) expense control, career planning and development, health & safety, and policy management for the IHI’s office located in Houston, TX