Energy Sustainability Forum Distinguished Speakers Include


Rich Voorberg

President, Siemens Energy North America
Orlando, Fl

Driving the transition to decarbonize and secure North America’s energy system is what energizes me every day. And helping our employees, customers and partners align around our common goal of driving the energy transition is my most important and most satisfying goal.
From factory floors to service sites to corporate boardrooms, I’ve got enough experience to know that Siemens Energy’s superpower is its ability to address future energy challenges and stay strong in uncertain conditions. My strength is being a hands-on, results-driven leader with a knack for motivating people to reach their full potential. I believe our people are our greatest differentiator in being able to make tomorrow different today. And I believe leveraging the power of diversity is a business imperative that empowers people and strengthens our company.
When I’m not working to make Siemens Energy the most valued energy technology company in the world, I can be found running, biking, swimming, or enjoying time with my wife and four children
Specialties: Decarbonizing the energy system; security of North America’s power supply; power generation and service; manufacturing; project management and BIG IDEAS!