4th Energy Sustainability Forum 2022

Join the IN-PERSON 4th Energy Sustainability Forum 2022, to be held on February 23 & 24, 2022 at the Petroleum Club of Houston, Texas. The Forum is organized by U.S. Energy Stream, the national corporate leader in the energy transition.

At the February 2022 Forum, we will bring together Senators and Members of Congress, senior government leaders, energy executives, and energy investors to successfully address a sustainable holistic energy strategy as a path to sustainable economic growth.

The Forum is a bi-partisan annual market intelligence platform for government and energy leaders to convene for off-the-record discussions on a sustainable energy strategy. For a sustainable energy economy, no one single solution has yet been proven that can achieve a net zero economy. An All-of-the-Above energy strategy seams to be the path to sustainable economic growth.

-How will the government and industry cooperate to take advantage of all opportunities including hydrogen, traditional energy resources (oil and gas), and renewable energy resources (solar, wind, nuclear power, hydroelectric power, and biofuels)?
-What will the decarbonization strategies and deployment be?
-What will the energy strategy be for the future that develops every source of American-made energy?
-What is the revolution needed in energy technology?
-What are the lessons learned from the Texas snow storm and the energy outbreaks?
-How will the industry continue to invest in the supplies needed to meet the energy needs driven by post-pandemic economic growth, while meeting low-carbon objectives?
-What is the role of the US climate policy in the global energy arena? What is the new map of geopolitics?
-How can American innovation ensure that the energy industry continues to thrive amid the energy transition towards a net zero emissions economy?

Our clients trust U.S. Energy Stream’s mission to bring the highest intelligence to empower business and government leaders to thrive.

The Forum is a private, invitation-only meeting. All proceedings are off the record, not for attribution or dissemination, and fully closed to the members of the press.