U.S. Energy Stream Houston Breakfast Forum Distinguished Speakers

Kenneth B. Medlock III
Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute , Houston, TX
David Holt
President, Consumer Energy Alliance , Houston, TX
Anthony Livanios
CEO, U.S. Energy Stream, Inc., Houston, TX
Gary Cunningham
Director, National Account Services & Market Research, Tradition Energy, Stamford, Connecticut

U.S. Energy Stream Houston Breakfast Forum

The U.S. Energy Stream Breakfast is hosted by U.S. Energy Stream and sponsored by Consumer Energy Alliance.

U.S. Energy Stream is a preeminent oil and gas advisory firm, with mission to deliver cutting edge energy intelligence and to create innovative ways for oil and gas leaders to connect.

Consumer Energy Alliance is the leading U.S. consumer advocate in support of affordable, reliable energy for working families, seniors, and businesses across the country.

We look forward to welcoming you to the U.S. Energy Stream Breakfast.



U.S. Energy Stream Houston Breakfast Forum Venue

Petroleum Club of Houston

The Petroleum Club of Houston is the consequence of a vision, vigorous effort and accomplishment. The vision was shared originally by Wilbur Ginther, Howard C. Warren and Harris Underwood. The effort was expended by a score of oil industry leaders and the accomplishment is one of the nation's finest, most attractive clubs, towering above Houston's busy commercial avenues.

The inspiration for an exclusive, handsome club of and for the oil industry community was crystallized on January 31, 1946, when the Petroleum Club's charter was secured from the State of Texas. The Club’s original location was atop the Rice Hotel in Downtown Houston. To meet the requirements of an increasing membership and the greater demands for its services, the Club moved to the 43rd and 44th floors of the ExxonMobil Building in 1963. In January of 2015, The Club began its next chapter from the 35th Floor, penthouse level, of Total Plaza located at 1201 Louisiana. 

Continuing a tradition of business deals sealed with a handshake, business is still sealed with integrity because our members and our Club epitomize honor and true fraternity.


Petroleum Club of Houston 

1201 Louisiana St, 35th Floor Houston, TX 77002