3rd Hydrogen & LNG Forum 2022 Distinguished Speakers Include


Sam Thigpen

CEO, Sapphire Gas Solutions
Conroe, TX 

Sam Thigpen is a recognized business leader, entrepreneur, and avid sportsman. As the founder and CEO of Sapphire Gas Solutions, a natural gas solutions company based in Conroe, TX, Mr. Thigpen continually supports the growing use of LNG and CNG in various applications across North America. 

Mr. Thigpen’s over 20 years of experience in the natural gas industry includes process operations, offshore service and maintenance, new pipeline and facility construction, C-Level leadership, and the execution of buy/sell transactions of private companies. His unique understanding of the energy market allows for the development of a highly energized organizational culture in his business. 

Outside of business, Mr. Thigpen is a lifetime Freemason, a lifetime member of MENSA, very involved in church activities, an avid offshore fisherman, and avid sporting clay competitor. He has fished for offshore game fish around the world, operates his own offshore fishing boat, Thiglife, and has participated in the Sporting Clay National Championship tournament 3 times, winning awards in two of his three appearances.