3rd Hydrogen & LNG Forum 2022 Overview

The IN-PERSON annual 3rd Hydrogen & LNG Forum 2022 is organized by U.S. Energy Stream, on April 18 & 19, 2022 at the Petroleum Club of Houston, Texas. 

The Forum is an annual market intelligence platform that brings together powerful U.S. Congressmen, Senators, government leaders, senior energy executives, investors and experts.

U.S. Energy Stream is the national corporate leader engaging Senators and Members of Congress, senior government leaders, energy executives, and energy investors to successfully address climate policy in the quest for net-zero emissions in a decarbonized energy future.

The Forum is a bi-partisan annual market intelligence platform for government and energy leaders to convene for off-the-record discussions on future technologies, initiatives, and policies in U.S. energy innovation to solve national and international energy challenges.

Our clients trust U.S. Energy Stream’s mission to bring the highest intelligence to empower business and government leaders to thrive.

The Forum is a private, invitation-only meeting. All proceedings are off the record, not for attribution or dissemination, and fully closed to the members of the press.

Key topics to be addressed:

LNG Outlook for 2022: What is the Role of LNG in the Energy Transition?
Natural gas & its long-term position in the energy mix
Congressional Leadership: Meeting Energy Demand while Accelerating Climate Policy
War in Ukraine: unprecedented energy crisis, Volatility and uncertainty in the energy markets
Europe’s Energy Crisis and why it matters 
High Energy Prices and Security of Energy Supply
Texas: From Energy Capital to Energy Transition Capital
How can American Innovation Ensure Energy Industry Continues to Thrive Amid the Energy Transition?
How  can innovation and new technologies help advance a net-zero economy?
Decarbonization, diversification and digitalization in the LNG and Hydrogen industry 
Investing in the Energy Future: The Role of Congress in helping energy companies to deliver sustainable energy? 
Energy Strategy for Reliable, Affordable Energy that Powers our Country, and the World
Smart Grids and LNG infrastructure
Gas & Hydrogen Storage
Small Scale LNG Innovation: Challenges into Opportunities
LNG Exports
LNG in bunkering- Hydrogen in Bunkering
Carbon Capture and Storage
Solar and wind energy collaboration with LNG & Hydrogen
Utility-scale green hydrogen
Renewable - natural gas connections
Power-to-gas interconnections 
Hydrogen fueling stations
Green hydrogen and CCUS: investments needed in pipelines and storage, enabling industrial decarbonization 
Blockchain  & Lower emission in Gas & LNG
ESG and Energy Transition
Energy Investments
Cyber Security Risk Management