3rd Energy Transition Forum 2022 Distinguished Confirmed Speakers Include


Oliver Hill

Chief Representative and Head of Corporate Development, VNG AG

Oliver F. Hill has held various positions with VNG AG since 1996.
Hill, who trained as a banker and holds a degree in business
administration, has headed different departments including
Affiliates, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Business Development
Western Europe and Gas Sales and was most recently Authorised
Representative of the Sales and Trading Executive Board Division
of VNG AG. In addition, he has been Managing Director of various
affiliates within the VNG Group and is a member of several
Supervisory Boards. Since September 2017, Oliver Hill is heading
the Corporate Development of the VNG Group including Strategy,
M&A, Retail Business and International Affairs.
1969 Born in Zweibrucken/Germany
1990 Apprenticeship with Deutsche Bank AG
1996 Awarded degree in business administration by University of Saarbrucken
Since 1996 VNG AG, Leipzig (in various positions)

• Assistant to the CFO
• Head of New Projects/M&A
• Head of Affiliates/Subsidiaries/M&A
• Head of Business Development Western Europe and Gas Sales Europe with activities mainly in Norway and
Italy; also Acting Head of Gas Sales, Other Countries
• Member of the Board of Directors VNG Norge AS
• Head of Gas Sales Germany
• Head of Trading and Sales VNG Group
• Head of Corporate Development of VNG Group including Strategy, M&A, Retail, and International Affairs.

Current supervisory board mandates
• Stadtwerke Rostock AG, Rostock
• MITGAS Mitteldeutsche Gasversorgung GmbH, Halle (Saale)
• Zukunft Gas e. V., Berlin
• CANARBINO SpA, Sarzana/Milano, Italy