3rd Energy Transition Forum 2022 Distinguished Confirmed Speakers Include


Nathaniel Hartwig

Director North America, Schlumberger New Energy
Houston, TX

A global strategic and operational leader with experience driving business growth, bottom line impact, and sustainability while developing future leaders. Started as a field engineer with ExxonMobil and developed skills in technical sales and marketing. Next, at McKinsey, managed teams serving the Fortune 500 to solve strategic and operational challenges in countries like the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, Mexico and the US.

At Schlumberger, he lead North America business development and government affairs for Schlumberger New Energy. Prior role was leading 3 business lines to pivot toward performance solutions in the Energy space by providing equipment and services in an ever changing Energy landscape. He is known to find creative solutions while unifying seemingly unrelated products/ services into stronger solutions by identifying large scale issues and connecting the puzzle pieces forming a mosaic that reveals the solution.