2nd Energy Transition & Innovation Forum 2021 Distinguished Speakers Include


Johannes P. Willheim

Partner, JONES DAY
Europe and US

I am a truly international conflicts and dispute professional with over 20 years of experience. Thanks to my position as a partner of the Global Disputes Practice of Jones Day, an elite international and institutional law firm, I work on the forefront of managing and resolving complex and high stake legal disputes in state and private fora around the world.

Prior to joining Jones Day in the year 2015, I built my own boutique law firm. My case docket however rapidly outgrew in size and geografic scope what could possibly be managed within the framework of a boutique. Before starting my own firm, I gained experience in another major international law firm and a few smaller outlets.

  • I have been educated in Europe and in the U.S..

Over the years of working as a lawyer, I have developed a great interest in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution and for non-legal tools to persuade, evaluate and communicate as well as for project management tools.

In addition to the technical aspects of my cases, I have always closely monitored the impact conflicts and disputes have on the individuals involved. Helping them to cope and grow through the process has become equally important to me.

Contrary to those who proclaim the end of lawyers and other professionals engaged in managing and resolving disputes, I see the future for these professionals brighter than ever. Clearly, the requirement profile will change. A much more holistic background is a must, but will provide for extended fields of activity and responsibility.

  • I have started sharing my insights from over 20 years of managing and resolving conflicts and disputes by writing and speaking extensively on subjects related thereto. Today, I am a regular Keynote Speaker on at least three continents (Asia, Europe and the U.S.) and a regular lecturer at numerous leading academic programs.

I have made it my mission to inspire and elevate professionals engaged in managing and resolving conflicts and disputes and to support individuals going through or dealing with conflicts and disputes.