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Antonis Paschalides

fmr Minister of Energy, Commerce & Industry of Cyprus, Antonis Paschalides & Co LLC

Antonis Paschalides – Former Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism to Cyprus, served from 28.02.2008 until his resignation on 04.08.2011, represents domestic and international clients in attaining their business objectives.

Antonis Paschalides (BA (Hon) Barrister-at-Law), haspracticed law since 1980 representing a number of banking institutions and being involved in significant cross-border acquisitions.  He has periodically advised the Cyprus President on Eastern Mediterranean issues and particularly as Minister of Energy has undertaken a great deal of work in the energy sector and has:

-Initiated the development of strategic plans for Renewable Energy.

-Negotiated the First Round of Licensing for the natural gas explorations for Cyprus and oversaw the preparation of the legal framework.

-Negotiated, contributed and signed a number of international strategic agreements regarding the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus and its neighbouring countries.

-Led the negotiation team and concluded an agreement with Noble Energy (USA), the first company to drill for natural gas and oil in Cyprus.

-Involved in the establishment of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (PAEK) and the state owned company for Gas (DEFA). 

As Minister for Commerce, he was responsible for matters of ‘Investments’ and he played an important role in the attraction of foreign direct investments, mainly from the Middle East to Cyprus amidst the global financial crisis.

Antonis Paschalides enjoys being actively involved in matters of all areas of business transactions, and despite his resignation is considered one of the most influential Cypriots on matters of energy due to the widely acknowledged positive involvement he had on recent events taking place in Cyprus with regards to the field.

He remains active in politics and was appointed consultant on energy matters to the President of the Democratic Party (DIKO).